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    Net-Rx Case Study: Driving Operational Efficiency Through Innovative Solutions

    A high volume, long-term care pharmacy engaged Net-Rx to provide better visibility into their claims reimbursement and reconciliation process in an effort to increase claims accuracy and reconcile payment issues.   Download the case study here.  

    Net-Rx services have been a tremendous help in creating efficiencies at Parkview. RecRx has simplified the reconciliation process, and allowed our staff to focus on other important areas of our business. The “Edit RX with Analyst” has generated enough recoveries each month to more than pay for all of our Net-Rx services. One recent recommendation from our analyst helped uncover an opportunity to recoup thousands of dollars in reimbursements. Net-Rx associates are friendly, knowledgeable and a great addition to our business. I would recommend this service to any Long Term Care pharmacy.

    Parkview Health Services
    Buffalo, NY

    The obvious advantage to using the complete reimbursement suite from Net-Rx is the money that we no longer leave ‘on the table’ when dealing with third party payers. The less obvious advantage is how readily the employees respond to the changing needs of our industry. They reach out to us, the customer, for ideas and suggestions on what we feel is needed to help us make better business decisions. We couldn’t successfully manage the reconciliation process or quickly analyze our reimbursements from payers without their assistance! We feel that they are not just a vendor, but a partner in our success.

    ProPac Pharmacy
    Vancouver, WA

    I enjoy using your services, everyone is always helpful and the services we subscribe to help us get the job done. I utilize the quick chat often and that works very well for me.

    CHN Green Lake
    Green Lake, WI

    Excellent record of Service with me.

    Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc.
    Frankston, TX

    It is a wonderful service and saves me a ton of manual reconciliation time.

    Notch Pharmacy
    Richford, VT