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    On top of the challenge of operating in a fast-changing healthcare environment, Retail Chain Pharmacies have the added challenge of improving health outcomes and achieving optimal performance under a corporate operating model.  By accessing advanced business analytics, superior support and our team of industry experts, Net-Rx helps Retail Chain Pharmacies ensure compliance across all locations, confirm payment accuracy, and gain critical business insight at both the pharmacy and corporate levels. 

    Net-Rx's solutions for Retail Chain Pharmacies include:

    EditRx – Protect revenues by detecting billing and database errors

    Metric-Rx® - Optimize pharmacy operations through actionable business analytics

    Price-It Rx – Improve profitability with customized market-driven pricing across multi-store locations

    RecRx – Ensure accurate third-party reimbursement and automates the 835 process

    Reimbursement Suite – Maximize the combined value of EditRx, Metric-Rx and RecRx 

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