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    Do You Know If You Are Missing Any Third-Party Payments?

    RecRx uses your electronic remittance advices to capture all pharmacy payments, which are then audited, reconciled and verified. Pharmacies have 24/7 access to a Web Portal that lists discrepancies in real time, enabling the pharmacy to identify and correct reimbursement from third-party payers. 

    How RecRx Helps to Ensure Accurate Third-Party Reimbursements


    Benefits & Features:  

    • Improve process efficiencies
    • View reconciled claims
    • Identify partially and unpaid claims
    • Reduce paper remittances
    • Financial and Total Sales reporting tools
    • Track PBM fees and adjustments
    • Extended Customer Support hours: Monday-Friday 9am-8pm Eastern Standard Time via phone, e-mail, and live chat


    Do You Struggle to obtain accurate month-end figures?

    Accounts Receivable is an add-on service which offers a monthly accounting of sales and payments captured within the RecRx tool. It provides pharmacies with valuable data that is helpful in financial reporting. By comparing claims to payments, Accounts Receivable reporting summarizes third-party claims, payments, fees, adjustments and quantifies final outstanding values for the month. 


    For more information about RecRx and the Accounts Receivable add-on service, fill out our contact form.