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Net-Rx Introduces a New Business Analytics Platform at the 2015 MHA Business Summit

In an interactive Business Workshop at the 2015 MHA Business Summit on March 18 th in Las Vegas, René Bloemke, CPhT, Director of Pharmacy Services at Net-Rx, demonstrated Net-Rx's new Metric-Rx TM business analytics platform to highlight how data mining and analytics create an environment that allows pharmacies to make educated and strategic business decisions with a few clicks of a button. Ms. Bloemke explained that the overall goal of this technology is to provide insight and intelligence for pharmacy owners/operators.  

Attendees of the 2015 MHA Business Summit observed a thorough demonstration of the Metric-Rx TM solution, including data sourcing process, current and future capabilities, as well as its many benefits and impact on a pharmacy's bottom line.

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